The Silence (2019)

Okay, let’s get the obvious out of the way first: this is a blatant rip off of other movies, most notably A Quet Place, but also Birdbox. Like A Quiet Place, The Silence has a high “makes no sense”-factor, but we’ll get to some of those issues. The movie’s premise is so similar to A Quiet Place that this review could almost be considered a review of that movie also. 

So, it is natural to compare the two movies, but for his review I will try to forget that A Quiet Place even exists. To do otherwise would be unfair to this movie. I will say this, though: A Quiet Place is a good enough movie, but I wasn’t as enamored with it as many others I know. It had alot of issues that just didn’t make sense, and which ruined the suspension of disbelief for me. 

Good actors in an awful film (The Silence, 2019)

But what about The Silence, when not compared to A Quiet Place? It has some genuinly exciting scenes, and decent acting all around. I found myself enjoying it at times, but also shaking my head in disbelief alot. There is little character development throughout the film, and the different roles feel very static and unchangeing, despite the extreme situation they find themselves in. 

So this is how the story goes: Scientists dig into a cave system containing blind, bat-like creatures with a hankering for human flesh. They escape in huge swarms, and begin to kill off everything that makes any kind noise.
Here, already in the premise, the movie begins to fall apart. If these creatures kill and eat everything they find that makes any kind of noise, how can they even survive? The world is a very noisy place, even without humanity. The problem with a premise like this (if you know anything about ecology) is that predators that are too numerous and too effective will go extinct very quickly. And how did the creatures even survive in the caves for millions of years? I assume they killed and ate all the other prey down there. Hibernation, then?
And if they are attracted by everything that makes noise, they will be attracted by just about everything. And there are huge swarms of the creatures, almost blotting out the sun at times. This is not how nature works at all.

The small bat-things (The Silence, 2019)

But let’s at least try to accept the premise and move on. We follow a family during their struggle to survive. A father, mother, son and deaf daughter. Sound familiar? They encounter a fanatical cult who seemingly enjoys this judgement day scenario. Again, sounds familiar? 

The creatures don’t like cold, and are in fact killed by subarctic temperatures (deep caves are quite cold, by the way, but never mind). So our protagonists travel north, where it is safe. The film ends with a monologue about humanity having to evolve to survive. 

Allright, there are so many illogical things with The Silence that I can’t go over them all, but if you’re able to see past that, and the fact that it is rip off of A Quet Place, you’ll find decent enough story about survival. Of course, this being based on a book from 2015, begs the question if it actually is a rip off of A Quiet Place or the other way around. 

I wonder how A Quiet Place would be viewed if The Silence came out before it.

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