Grabbers (2012)

Grabbers is an Irish science fiction comedy. A bit niche, but it works very, very well.  

Grabbers feels very much like the love child of Tremors and Father Ted, with an ironic sprinkling of HP Lovecraft, maybe Noo… HP Lovecraft didn’t have an ounce of humor, at least not on purpose (although he was unintentionally funny at times…) Grabbers has humor, and spades of it! 

So, the premise is like this: blood sucking aliens attack a rural island off the coast of Ireland. The squid-like things kill a some unlucky humans before our protagonists discover that the creatures are allergic to alchohol. The solution is immediately clear: get really drunk, then go fight the aliens! 

“‘Tis no feckin’ lobster!” -Tadhg Murphy (Grabbers, 2012)

Hilarity ensues! 

There are some great humor in this movie, most having to do with people being very drunk. There is one scene where two guys try to light an improvised flame thrower made out of a super soaker while drunk, and it is priceless! And of course, much of the action is set in a bar, giving it a big Shaun of the Dead spin to it. 

That Father Ted-ish feeling… (Grabbers, 2012)

I just regret I wasn’t drinking while watching this.

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