• The Many Adaptations of War of the Worlds
    The classic novel, The War of the Worlds by HG Wells, is arguably one of the most influental pieces of science fiction ever written. Released in 1897, first in serial format and a year later as a novel, it paved … Read more
  • Norwegian Comic Con and the Power of Positive Fandom
    Each year, in late Fall, an event is held on the outskirts of Oslo. This is SpillExpo (translated: Games Expo), or, as it is also called: Norwegian Comic Con. And as with other Comic Cons around the world, this event … Read more
  • Fandom and Iconic Branding
    Fandom will develop around brands that can be seen as iconic. After all, even though just about everyone drinks milk, very few will call themselves a true fan of milk. Milk cosplay won’t be very common, and convention about milk … Read more
  • Fan Activities
    What do fans do? Here are seven activities that are common in many fandoms. And if some of the words are sounding religious, that's no accident. Fandoms have many aspects in common with religion, and many religions could be seen … Read more
  • A Short Introduction to Fandom
    Fandom can be described in various ways, but as I see it, it is a common denominator to describe various social activities centered around certain brands and activities. These activities gives fans a feeling of belonging and strengthened feeling of … Read more
  • The Driving Forces of Negative Fandom
    At a party I went to this summer, I found myself in a conversation with another Star Wars fan, and he suddenly asked me how much I disliked, or even hated the Star Wars film The Last Jedi. A bit … Read more