Color Out of Space (2019)

The Color Out of Space is a 2019 horror movie directed by the somewhat ecentric director Richard Stanley. It is based on the iconic horror short story by HP Lovecraft, and stars, among others, Nicolas Cage. 

A Nicolas Cage in a film based on a story by HP Lovecraft? Yes please! 

Nicolas Cage about to fail a Sanity check (Color Out of Space, 2019)

Having read HP Lovecraft’s short story (and many others by the author), I was happy to see how close the film adaptation was. There are changes, of course, like moving the events to a modern setting, but the core story elements are there, even though this adaptation goes into the body horror sub genre a bit more than the story it is based on. 

The basic story goes like this: a family, who has recently moved out into the country to breed alpaccas and live the quiet life, is surprised to find a strange, glowing rock in ther garden one morning. Strangely, it shrinks and disappears over the next night, but strange lights starts appearing in the area, and all hell breaks loose.

Strange things are afoot at the alpacca farm (Color Out of Space, 2019)

I’m not often unnerved by seeing horror movies, but this was downright terrifying. There seems to be a curse over film adaptations of HP Lovecraft’s stories, and most are sent to the pile of b-horror shlock, with a lucky few earning cult status over time. 

Color Out of Space succeeds in what it sets out to do. It is gruesome, exciting and really carries the tone of the original story (with some Dunwich horror, another one of HP Lovecrafts stories, thrown in). Changes are not done just for the sake of it. Instead they really add to and enhance the story.

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