About me

Norwegian Film Nerd and Fandom Enthusiast

Since you’ve found your way onto my blog, there’s also a possibility that you might be curious about who’s behind these scribblings. On this page I will do my best to enlighten you.

Let’s start with some basics. My name is Eirik Bull. I’m Norwegian, and I was born back in 1977. Simple maths… or a calculator, tells us I’m in my early 40s as of this writing, and you might wonder why someone my age would want to spend time writing about fandom, film and other nerdy things. Well, I’ll get to that.

I’m from a.. let us say, modern family. I’m happily married, and I have two teenage sons from a previous relationship. My youngest son lives with his mother, and my oldest is currently attending a “folk high school” in a different part of Norway, where he’s doing a music band related course. We live in a large-ish house just south of Oslo with our pets… three ferrets.

I also have an older brother. He’s a writer, and writes, for the most part, about vikings, of which he seems a bit obsessed these days. But people seem to like vikings around here, as he sells books like hot cakes! Looking back in my family, we find members of the resistance against the occupying Germany army during World War 2, world famous musicians and composers along with some bandits, frauds and art forgers.

I’m also passionate about nature and very fond of animals. I have always been involved in animal welfare, and I’m very outspoken about animal rights. Back when I worked with film, I would often help animal rights organization by making promotional films and small documentaries.

As you can read in the headline, I consider myself a movie nerd, fandom enthusiast and part-time geek. I have always loved film, and I have my film education from London, Sydney and Oslo. Film production, directing, and special effects was always my thing.

A wise man once said that there is a difference between making the meal and eating it. I love to watch film, but as I got older, interest in film production began to give way for film distribution and marketing.

So back to school I went. This time, it was marketing and brand management, and in the course of three years, I did several academic cases on film distribution and marketing. But it was my final bachelor’s degree thesis that really got me interested in fandom.

There will be plenty of fandom on this blog. As a phenonmenen, fandom can inspire plenty of enthusiasm and joy, but also frustration and anger. It can be elusive, somewhat difficult to grasp, but if managed correctly, an amazingly effective marketing tool.

So this was a short intro on who I am and what I care about. I hope this has given you an impression of what sort of content you can expect to find if you keep on reading this blog.

And if you’d like to find my in various social media, just follow the links below:

“I love movies. Gosh, I love movies! I love watching them, and I love making them!”

-Keanu Reeves