Men in Black: International (2019)

So, a fourth Men in Black film? I never asked for this, but it was fun enough.

The twist this time around is, as a the name implies, that we see the international side of the Men in Black. Heading the cast is Chris Hemsworth as a washed up former MiB hero and Tessa Thompson as the enthusiastic rookie. Liam Neeson and Emma Thompson is also here in supporting roles.

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Thor and Valkyrie.. ehm.. I mean agents H and M (Men in Black International, 2019)

Apart from having an international focus, the story is what we can expect from a MiB movie. However, it doesn’t really have the same heart, so to speak, as the previous installments in the franchise. There is just nothing new here, and the film feels like pandering to a long faded Men in Black fandom.

However, there are several nice set pieces in Men in Black International, and some interesting alien designs, but sadly, many of the aliens in the film suffers from being overly cartoonish or badly animated (compared to other 2019 movies with the same budget). The film also suffers from several cliches and bad writing compared to earlier MiB movies. You can spot the twist coming from miles away.

But it you can look past its flaws, Men in Black International is a fun and often thrilling ride. Bring popcorn.

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