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This blog is all about film and fandom, along with related topics. Here you’ll find alot of my writings on film, such as film reviews, thoughts on upcoming films and films I care about in one way or another. In addition, there will be thoughts on fandom, iconic brands, pop culture and other nerdy topics.

Being a huge fandom enthusiast and film nerd, with educations in both film production and marketing behind me, gives me a certain degree of insight into these areas, and especially how they combine. If you want to know more about me and my background, take a look at the “about me” part of the blog.

  • China’s Influence on Hollywood

    12. November 2019 by

    The film industry is changing. One could of course say that it has always been changing, ever since the early days with the Lumiere brothers and other such pioneers. But the traditional distribution models are evolving (sometimes even kicking and screaming) to keep up with the technological and cultural developments happening in in society. One of such development is the… Read more

  • Norwegian Comic Con and the Power of Positive Fandom

    6. November 2019 by

    Each year, in late Fall, an event is held on the outskirts of Oslo. This is SpillExpo (translated: Games Expo), or, as it is also called: Norwegian Comic Con. And as with other Comic Cons around the world, this event celebrates a wide range of fandoms, games, cosplay and related stuff. The event lasts for three days, and last year… Read more

  • Fandom and Iconic Branding

    26. October 2019 by

    Fandom will develop around brands that can be seen as iconic. After all, even though just about everyone drinks milk, very few will call themselves a true fan of milk. Milk cosplay won’t be very common, and convention about milk won’t sell many tickets. An iconic brand is one that has a profound impact on culture and the ability to… Read more

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